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Final Development

I created the Flyer by hand and digitally edited it which is something i wanted to do after the first part of Visual Literacy. After collaging the watercolour segments and small illustration i placed it onto a template for the back and the front and placed the text around it.    Advertisements


    I wrote down all the seasonal vegetables using which had a lot of good information about local food, i then researched lots of pros towards using and buying local seasonal and started to group them and put them on different sections of the leaflet.

Design Development

       When choosing a layout for my leaflet i made some prototypes fist to make sure it would work before i started to work on the design, after doing that i made a text version that would show where the front and the back and all the sections in between would go. I […]

Style Development

I started with subject matter and creating small illustrations to get an idea of what i wanted on my leaflet, using watercolour i gave them a bright look. I also tried making patterns for my piece but they didn’t fit well with my piece. I decided the best way to put all the illustrations together would […]

Visual Literacy Inspiration

Alisa Burke When i found this work i thought it had a very organic look to it, using watercolour and pen was something i was doing before and after choosing to do a leaflet i wanted something colourful and visually pleasing. The use of colour in this gave me alot of ideas with what to […]

Visual Literacy Part 2 Leaflet Ideas

When i decided to do a leaflet i looked at interesting folds and designs to make it interesting, i’ve never looked at informational work before so i made it as new and different as i could in contrast to how leaflets usually are.

Visual Literacy Part 1 Evaluation

After id decided i wanted to take illustration further i decided to do the Lino and Foiling inductions, i wanted to choose inductions i was interested in and would have an interested in later on, these two really stood out to me. When i did the Lino induction i had already done Lino in the […]