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Penguin book cover competition

This brief was quite a short one as it was in between me trying to figure out what my main brief would be and deciding what illustration i wanted to do. I used illustrated typography to create the book cover for ‘Oranges are not the only fruit’, i did some sketches exploring how i could […]

3 final pieces

After the end of my sketchbook i created 3 main pieces with different composition to see which one i liked the best. I decided on the third one because of the simplicity of the patterns and the subtlety of it. I came across a dilemma when creating these pieces after i created two draft images […]

Live Project- sketchbook 2

I feel with the second piece i was a little rushed because of starting the brief so late in the project so i didn’t get to develop my sketchbook as much as i would have liked to. I tried to follow the same lines as my first sketchbook by looking at patterns and motifs from […]

Live Project- Sketchbook one

When i finally decided the subject i wanted to approach for this brief i decided the best way to do it would be though a sketchbook. After the final page i decided to try 3 separate final pieces using what i had developed from my sketchbook. 

Creative Conscience Awards

This project had a similar tone to the rest of them, still trying to figure out what i was going to do at the time i ended up going for a piece that was mainly photography based and i struggled to make the fact i had chosen to use into visual format. I also changed […]

Research- Marjane Satrapi

When creating the piece for Marjane Satrapi, i chose to look at her autobiographical film Persepolis. The film is about her life in Iran during the revolution so i thought i would continue to do the same thing with this as the Sofia Coppola piece and look at Iranian patterns. I found a book that […]

Research- Sofia Coppola

When i was looking into female directors Sofia Coppola is arguably one of the best in current cinema, i knew i wanted to include elements of film and culture into the piece so i looked at one of her most famous films ‘Lost in Translation’ which is set in Japan and has a storyline of […]