Village Fete Evaluation

My group consisted of Francesca, Tom, Kate and Joe. The group worked well but i felt some of the groups members didn’t participate and made it a little difficult, however those of us who did participate managed to create a good idea and organise it well, when it came to setting task for each person after we had discussed changing the idea, i designed and made the props for the photo which i think came out well and where cost effective.

At the start of the project we brainstormed ideas and initially decided we wanted to make a snow globe but after trying to plan the idea we realised it would be too expensive and would take a long time to put together so we tried another idea.

we discussed how we could separate sections of the project to fit our strengths, weaknesses and what we wanted to do. We created a set to put a scene where people could have their photo taken in the flying scene from the film ‘The Snowman’. The idea was that the photo would be that the taken from above and the person would lay down and create the effect of flying.

We decided to charge 30p for the set up the props and for the reason of raising enough money and so that people could afford to do it, we didn’t spend anything on the project so all the proceeds went to charity. We thought the innovative idea would be enough to entice people, we also made a sign to promote the idea and show the price and the Facebook url so people could access their photos. We also put all the photos on to a Facebook page we made specially for the project for people to access. 

People found the price reasonable and nobody complained about it, but the price we had chosen didn’t seem to make us very much money and we didn’t raise an awful lot, i think this was due to the fact that we came up with an idea that you had to interact with and some people didn’t want to.

I think if we could have created print outs of photo we could have made more money but because the photos where digital it would have been unreasonable to charge more, also printing photos would have meant charging more and having to set up extra equipment that we didn’t have time to organise. I feel i learnt a lot more about working as a team and creating something that had to be interesting to the public and make money. I feel like i would be able to apply these skills to working at something that has to be sold or to get the public to be interested, it was very interesting to work at something that meant getting involved with the public as its not something I’ve done too often so overall i think the experience was invaluable.


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