PPP Tasks

1. Do some networking (look at local networks)

I went to the Networking event ‘How to make a living from art’, i found it very interesting during university you worry about the future and this event helped me to think about what i’m going to do when i finish university. Networking is hard and its a little daunting to be in a room full of people from all walks of life some more skilled and in jobs but the talk from all the speaker was very interesting and helpful.

2. Listen to at least one desert island disks (radio 4)

I Listened to this not really knowing what to expect i had never heard of it, after a short time of listening i noticed the theme of linking music to timestamp parts of your life. I really love this idea and i didn’t even realise that i do it as well. I love the way music has such an impact and can make a part of your life so much more vivid when remembering them. I listened to a podcast involving someone i’m particularly interested in and has written a lot of things that i love.

3. Volunteer/ get involved with an event, or you are passionate about

I have been interested in a particular kickstarter project for a animated show by artist Natasha Allegri, i had put funds towards it along with 18,209 people and had been really interested in seeing it become a reality. I think its hard these days to get your work known and i find the kickstarter an amazing way for a artist/tv show to build a community. When i found out that the cast/writers and artists of Bee and Puppycat (the title of the animation) would be at the thought bubble festival in Leeds i bought a ticket, i got to see how the show was made and see behind the scenes clips and an early episode showing. I thought it was a great experience and gave a hopeful view on to new artist and being able to do what you want creatively and succeeding in what you want to do. I also got to talk to some of the other fans to attended the panel and it was nice to talk to people who felt the same way about supporting someones artistic dream.


IMG_3679 IMG_3681

4. Discuss a documentary

I spoke to a friend about  the 30 seconds to mars documentary ‘Artifact’, it included a lot of things i’m really interested in and have done work about including conglomerate companies and making it in any creative industry without being swallowed by the mass of record labels and media. We agreed on the points that were made in the documentary.

5. Cook and share a meal inspired by a book or film

For my meal i chose the book ‘Around the world in 80 days’, i chose to do a a small dish for each country.I had two of my fiends come over and we all enjoyed it them especially because they got a free meal but it was nice to talk, i haven’t seen them too much because of us all being busy but this was something nice and traditional such as sharing a meal at a table and just talking. My meal was probably a little ambitious i ended up creating 8 different meals which got me a little stressed but i chose it because i like to cook and even though i was a little stressed i enjoyed the experience both the meal and the making of.

IMG_3595 IMG_3593 IMG_3592 IMG_3591


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