Monthly Archives: January 2015

PPP Tasks

1. Do some networking (look at local networks) I went to the Networking event ‘How to make a living from art’, i found it very interesting during university you worry about the future and this event helped me to think about what i’m going to do when i finish university. Networking is hard and its […]

Village Fete Evaluation

My group consisted of Francesca, Tom, Kate and Joe. The group worked well but i felt some of the groups members didn’t participate and made it a little difficult, however those of us who did participate managed to create a good idea and organise it well, when it came to setting task for each person […]

COP2 Development

After the first part of visual literacy i decided i wanted to further develop my skills inline printing and i had come up whit the idea to do a shopping trolly made out of a bar code i really liked the effect of this. After i had don’t the trolly i needed a person to […]

COP2 Initial Ideas

COP2 Research

Research in Mass Produciton

Final Development

I created the Flyer by hand and digitally edited it which is something i wanted to do after the first part of Visual Literacy. After collaging the watercolour segments and small illustration i placed it onto a template for the back and the front and placed the text around it.   


    I wrote down all the seasonal vegetables using which had a lot of good information about local food, i then researched lots of pros towards using and buying local seasonal and started to group them and put them on different sections of the leaflet.