Visual Literacy Part 1 Evaluation

After id decided i wanted to take illustration further i decided to do the Lino and Foiling inductions, i wanted to choose inductions i was interested in and would have an interested in later on, these two really stood out to me. When i did the Lino induction i had already done Lino in the past but i learnt more styles skills and techniques as well as using new tools. Foiling was something i had never done but it appealed to me after i learned you can use it on illustrations and to decorate pieces of work, i enjoyed learning this new skill but the only problem being it was something you can only do in that room and sometimes it was hard to get in to use the equipment.

In my own time i did research in to printing and pattern as well as watercolour i looked at other artist and tutorials and developed my own style and some techniques i didn’t already know from this. I also tried to stay away from using digital equipment such as photoshop or a graphics tablet because its the road i’ve always gone down with my work and i wanted to develop new skills before i started to merge then with my digital work.

I felt like when things went wrong it was a chance to develop and change how i use tools for the better and create more professional looking work, it helped me to identify exactly where i was going wrong because there was no ultimate ending to the first part so it felt like i had time to experiment with my work and create something new that i otherwise would not have thought of.

At the beginning of this project i had wanted to go in to illustration but i hadn’t broadened my idea of what illustration is i mostly thought of it as digital and drawings, i realised during this project that its more than that and that it included all my favourite ways to work such as embroidery and Lino cutting and printing. I now feel like i’m not so restricted with specialising in illustration and that i can broaden my way of working and have more freedom in my work.

As unfortunate as it is i work really well under pressure which means i get most of my work done at the last minute which doesn’t go too well with the fact that i’m not the most organised , its definitely something i’m improving on and i’ve looked at ways to help organise myself as well as creating a timetable for myself outside of studio sessions and to give myself small deadlines in the middle of project so i’m not under as much pressure as i usually put myself under.


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