Monthly Archives: October 2014

Visual Literacy Part 1 Evaluation

After id decided i wanted to take illustration further i decided to do the Lino and Foiling inductions, i wanted to choose inductions i was interested in and would have an interested in later on, these two really stood out to me. When i did the Lino induction i had already done Lino in the […]

Illustration Research; Artists

Matthew H Sharack Ive always liked this style of illustration and its a style that i use, the main reason i really like this work is the way that he turns his illustrations into more detailed illustrations. This is something i’ve always wanted to do with my work but never known how to approach it. […]

Illustration Research; Artists

Jonas Angelet I like the way the artist creates a minimalistic look to his work yet when you concentrate you see more, i like the grungy style to it and the detail of the textures. It looks like there is more detail in the textures used to create the image rather than the underlying face. […]

Illustration Practice

Watercolour and Foiling Watercolour was something i did by chance and i actually found it fun and liked the work i was creating from it. Ive always hated any type of painting as i never though i was good at it but after giving it another shot and looking at other artists work helped me […]

Printing Practice; Techniques

Ink Textures and Collaging I used Previous Lino cuts to print over an image i had cut and collaged, I used my roller to create textures behind the image using various amounts of ink and using the roller at different angles. Ive looked at artists who use similar techniques and i like the way the […]

Illustration Research; Artists

Phoebe Wahl Her work features topics such as self love, Feminism and natural human form. Ink Scratching, watercolour and illustration I like  illustration style she uses, I particularly like the ink scratchings she uses.


Alex Williamson, illustrator/ printmaker The work uses multiple mediums including print which made me think it was relevant to my work as an influence, some of his work is politically active as well as socially. I like the idea of using collage in my work and will be using this as an influence. I like […]