Ana Teresa Barboza


i saw this image by chance a few months ago and it sparked an interest for me in embroidery and fabric, the artist Ana Teresa Barboza used a lot of colour in her work and her work isn’t the traditional type of embroidery you’d usually see and that was the part about her work that appealed to me and made me want to start doing similar stuff. I like the way that the work doesn’t end at the edge of the hoop it flows out and gives a whole new life to that kind of work.

Image    Image


I researched more of her work and really liked the contrast between the simple stitch and the complicated embroidery that created very realist shading in the piece. Her work also had this distinguish between nature and humanity which i liked, a lot of her work was somehow linked to either one of those things and her techniques gave a separation between them which i liked.


I also like the little imperfections in her work such as the loose threads which gave character to the work and made it feel more personal. This artist was one of the main inspirations for my using embroidery in my self directed project.



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