Fifteen Things

1.Get a view of the city from up-high


2.Try a traditional Czech dish



Popular under the name Trdelník, It is made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix.

3.Document two examples of Czech/Slovak Design


Prague astronomical clock

T3 TRAM, 1961—76
Following the Velvet Revolution, visitors from the West were greatly taken with Prague’s trams. Until then, no one in Prague had seen anything strange in the fact that trams with a thirty-year-old design were still in service. Now they’re praying that the trams will be retained for a few more years. Their design is timeless, and their fibreglass seats mounted on heaters are very popular. They were developed by the Plastics Centre in ČKD Prague, and manufactured by Plastimat in Hradec Králové.
4.Tea in an oriental tea-room
5.Czech music
Charles Bridge Band


Czech artists militate against the influence of the Communists: Nikagda nezabudem
;the rap styles music was very similar to the style in our country but in the Czech language.
6. Try a traditional Czech drink
On the tip i didn’t try the incredibly popular option of absinth but i did get to try one of their czech beers which was alittle different from what we get at home.
7. Take a suggested walk round the city & document it
A small group of us took the walk over the bridge and through the busy market
DSC_0103 DSC_0888
8. Document some street art

There was alot of street art around the centre and parks in Prague but this 3D piece really caught my attention more than the others it was hidden in a quiet area next to the river in the small central park. I did research on the piece and found out more about the group UrbanSolid who created the piece, they are a group from Italy who are well known for their 3D street pieces.
9. Get yourself a souvenir from Prague
As a group we all decided to get a necklace from one of the market stalls i chose a small Beer necklace as i thought it was querky and i also like beer.
10. Document a market
DSC_0699 DSC_0709
11. See one of David Cerny’s sculptures. What do you think of it?
I loved the David Cerny’s sculpture planted in the centre of the river as its pretty much impossible not to see and gave off quite a distinctive impression and showed his opinions really clearly. It was a very straight to the point piece and i really liked it.
12. Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in Czech to a local. What response do you get?
When we went to buy some of the Trdelník we managed to use the czech words for ‘please’ and ‘Thank you’ and the woman stared at us very blankly and almost seemed annoyed we kind of got the impression they don’t like the english very much.
13. Document one of Prague’s parks
DSC_0199 DSC_0201
The parks seemed very ‘for the people and had a relaxed atmosphere with skateboarders and alot of people in the area it was a great walk that linked the city centre to the castle.
14. Document evidence of Occupation during WWII
Wasn’t quite sure about the occupation of the czech republic/Czechoslovakia at the time but i thought this was relevant proof?
15. Visit two different art galleries. How do they compare?
We visited the  DOX Gallery which was incredibly laid back and had very contemporary and interactive works of various mediums and of  the two i enjoyed the most and we also visited the Rudolfinum Gallery which had some incredibly disturbing yet interesting works, it was very strict and possibly took its self a little too serious but maybe thats just because i was made to pay but it was a good experience and nice to be able to say i’ve seen some of the controversial work of the Chapman brothers.

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