Dennis Oppenhiem: Thought Collision Factories

Henry Moore institute;

Dennis Oppenhiem: Thought Collision Factories

Institute exhibition
21st November 2013 – 16th February 2014
Galleries 1, 2 and 3

Dennis Oppenheim
‘Vibrating Forest (From ‘The Fireworks Series’)’
Steel, perforated angle, aluminium track, cast plaster, lamp, candy floss machine, vibrating motors, fireworks


Dennis Oppenheim
‘Launching Sculpture #3. An Armature for Projection. (From The Fireworks Series)’
Scale model for outdoor work
Aluminium, steel, iron, wood, Pyrex, fireworks, electric motors


Dennis Oppenheim
‘Visual Exhaustion’
Film conversion: colour, silent, duration 5 minutes


At the Henry Moore Institute I went to see the ‘Thought Collision Factories’ by Dennis Oppenhiem, I have to be honest I didn’t fully understand what he was trying to say with the exhibition but I did like the way his sculptures had this momentary feel to them as most had firework that had since been used and that he has used in previous works that I researched. The ephemeral feel to his work was what I liked the most as I like performance art and how if its good and has an impact on you, you remember it despite never seeing it again. I think in a way the age of videoing everything on phones and cameras takes away that feeling of seeing something knowing you’ll never see it again I think the problem lies in the fact that everything can be digitally documented through video and I don’t think that’s a bad thing but sometimes I feel like it makes things a little less special.

PPP tasks (part 2)


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