Dimensions of Dialogue

Recently i saw an article on wetheurban.com about the film maker Jan Švankmajer, the article showed some of his work as well as describing him as ‘probably hands down the most creative, disturbing, artistic movie director who has ever lived’ (http://www.wetheurban.com/post/71914296333/spotlight-the-works-of-artist-and-filmmaker-jan#sthash.MPXnnTrA.dpuf).

Dimensions of Dialogue by Jan Svankmajer 1982

After watching a few of his films you tend to agree the playful manner in which he shows quite horrific images and ideas does give off quite a disturbing feeling yet still with this happy feeling you get when seeing claymation especially . The way he uses claymation and stop motion to depict an almost inner torment to the characters in his films makes his work so unique and incredibly niche of its time, the Czech animator and film director was banned by the government from making films in 1972, and many of his later films were suppressed due to the communist regime before Czechoslovakia became the Czech Republic.
To me i think his work is very influential and has brought about so much of the stop motion and claymation that i have really enjoyed, such as the work of Tim Burton who is known for being influenced by Jan Švankmajer as they were both creating work around the same time towards the end of jan’s career and PES who has a very modern take on the art of stop motion but still using techniques that date back to when Jan was creating.

The Deep by PES 2013
Vincent by Tim Burton 1982

“To me, animation is like magic. It’s not about making things move, but making things live. This is the domain of magic. And that is what I have always tried to achieve in my films—not just to move objects, but to breathe life into them and explore their inner being.” Jan Švankmajer.


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