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First Things First Manifesto- critique

A lot of things have changed since the rework of the original first things first making it even more relevant, with the main aim in any job being to subsequently make money it is drilled into people from a young age that making money is the ‘be all and end all’ of spending a number […]

Dennis Oppenhiem: Thought Collision Factories

Henry Moore institute; Dennis Oppenhiem: Thought Collision Factories Institute exhibition 21st November 2013 – 16th February 2014 Galleries 1, 2 and 3 Dennis Oppenheim ‘Vibrating Forest (From ‘The Fireworks Series’)’ 1982 Steel, perforated angle, aluminium track, cast plaster, lamp, candy floss machine, vibrating motors, fireworks Dennis Oppenheim ‘Launching Sculpture #3. An Armature for Projection. (From […]

Dimensions of Dialogue

Recently i saw an article on about the film maker Jan Švankmajer, the article showed some of his work as well as describing him as ‘probably hands down the most creative, disturbing, artistic movie director who has ever lived’ ( Dimensions of Dialogue by Jan Svankmajer 1982 After watching a few of his films […]