Book Project

Influence, research and evaluation

In the book project i chose the news story of the Sandy Hook shooting, in this i wanted to create an anonymous figure to appose the way the media almost gives credit to the shooters in these situations and put more emphasis on the people who sacrifice themselves for other people. During research i looked at the story of Victoria Soto one of the teachers killed during the shooting.


I thought her story was inspiring and i wanted to show the selfless act in my book and make her and her bravery the silver lining of the story as well as the charity set up in her name instead of glorifying the act and the man who committed it.

In this project i decided to use illustration as its something i wouldn’t normally use and wouldn’t have much confidence in doing i thought i should try looking at other illustrators and styles similar to my own to help develop it. At first i had a lot of trouble making images that i liked and fitted the image i had in my head,
I looked at several of my favorite illustrators and artists as well as some other influences to help develop a unique style to use in my book.


Daniel Clowes
i looked at Daniel Clowes and the way he uses black backgrounds and his illustrations in white, that gives this dark feel but with the effect of silver lining which is something i wanted to focus on.



Zen Pencils
I looked at the rough lines in their work and also looked at the close up ambiguous looks their images have, i also chose to use a similar technique of using straight lines.

 Another artist i looked at was Matthias Brown.


I liked this style it was similar to how i liked to draw with an ambiguity to an image yet achieving what you want the object to be and o make it quite obvious, i thought the style was very distorted and with it being pen and paper it achieved the mood i wanted to create in my book.



(From illustration to computer final)



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