Film Research

Influence and references

The Hundred in the Hands – Pigeons (Music Video)

With this video in particular it has a warped style that portrays being intoxicated well i think this clip also shows a sense of loneliness in a crowded place by having the main character surrounded by people yet everyone else is slightly blurred out. The shots also separates the character well with the surrounding people being happy and having fun whereas the main character is the opposite. This would be good to show the bad effects of alcohol and drugs to contrast with good effects which are to be put nearer the beginning. (0.00 to 0.20) (3.25 to 3.35) are the best examples relating to our style choice.


The second influence is a good example of lighting for a party scene, the cloudy and misty tones as well as over exposed sections help to re-enforce the ‘drunk’ feeling and making the video more personal to the viewer. Tis video also uses a blurred tunnel effect which could also help to create this feeling within the video. The characters frequently break the forth wall which also gives a personal feel i think this would help to develop the character viewer relationship and create the effect a ‘Parasocial interaction’.
As far a content is concerned it has a very risqué feel, which was discusses as a element we should include to a certain extent to create the negatives involved in the lifestyle causing it to be perceived differently.


This video has examples of the fast paced clips we wanted to have integrated into the each scene, the fast clips show the ‘young stupidity’ that we wanted to run through each party scene. The video has the hand held camera style we wanted to include to give an almost documentary style to it.

SMCP | Part two
SMCP | Tatiparty
The group who did these videos base them around house partys which show the negatives and positives within the situation. The video again shows the fast moving scenes, and also uses flare effect and editing effects to create the illusion of coloured lights.


This video is another example of fast paced shots putting a lot of information in to a short period of time, it also has a similar content to what we wanted to include the glutinous lifestyle of young people. The video contains a strobe effect which will hopefully be created when we film our scenes in a club which will also have a mass of people in scene.


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