Light Night



For light night our group idea was based around costume, everybody in the group had a different character from a 1920’s style ‘freak-show’ half the group worked on a sign for the project and the others got together costume ideas and finding costume resources. Our group worked together on the sign and brainstorming ideas, i then went in to the city centre to find parts of costumes. I think working in a group of people i didn’t know brought me out of my comfort zone, overall i enjoyed the experience i liked working with other people and collaborating.

The event we put on brought a lot of people into the area and i found it fun engaging with the public and because our idea was costume based it included going around talking to people and entertaining them. I think to make the experience better would for me to have interjected more ideas and to have given a bigger input in the final outcome. When I did the personality test my result was INTP (The thinkers, A love of problem solving) I think this reflected quite well how I dealt with the situation, i figured out that i was a very introverted person but i found working in a group to be fun even though i like to work independently i think this has helped me to see what i need to improve on to work better in a group.



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