Monthly Archives: October 2013

Light Night

For light night our group idea was based around costume, everybody in the group had a different character from a 1920’s style ‘freak-show’ half the group worked on a sign for the project and the others got together costume ideas and finding costume resources. Our group worked together on the sign and brainstorming ideas, i […]

Public Portrait Photos

Light Night Photography

My aim in the light night photography was to show community and how projects like light night bring ordinary people together to enjoy something they wouldn’t usually see. I tried to capture a busy area with large groups of people to fully show my aim, i think the blurring in the photos adds a busy […]

Statement of Intent

I would like to explore different mediums and discover what i would like to specialize in. In time i would like to intertwine my passion for travel into my work and see other cultures around the world. As far as weaknesses go i want to use different methods to help me organize myself and time […]